Benefits of Using Vaginal Dilators After Chemotherapy

When going through chemotherapy treatment, there are many side effects the doctor will tell you about, but there are some that are a little harder to discuss. People often stray away from openly discussing sex, but it is an important thing to consider when experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy. Women’s bodies are greatly affected by the different medicines used. Many women may not know that vaginal dilator therapy can be an essential part of treatment for painful intercourse after chemotherapy.


Many Factors Cause Vaginal Discomfort

Discomfort can result from not only chemotherapy but also a variety of conditions or even from surgery or pelvic radiation, which can cause inflammation in the vagina. Inflammation can lead to scarring and can also cause the vaginal walls to stick together. Pelvic radiation may be used as a treatment for cervical and vaginal cancer, endometrial or uterine cancer, and anal and rectal cancer. For breast cancer patients, chemotherapy’s impact on the body’s estrogen levels can cause vaginal tissue to become thin, dry, and less elastic—otherwise known as vaginal atrophy, which can result in painful intercourse. Similar vaginal changes occur during menopause. If vaginal penetration is difficult during sex or when using a tampon, a vaginal dilator may help. Vaginal dilators can help counteract some of these side effects from radiation treatment and cancer medications, and even from your body’s changes during menopause.


Start Enjoying Sex Again

Using vaginal dilators after chemotherapy or other cancer treatments can help make sex more comfortable and even more pleasurable as you continue using them. Vaginal dilators are firm, rounded cylinders, usually made out of silicone or plastic, that vary in size from the width of a pinky finger to the width of a cucumber. A woman can begin by using a size that fits comfortably in the vagina, then gradually increase the size to widen and lengthen vaginal capacity. This process will help restore the vagina to a more comfortable length and shape, thus creating a more pleasurable experience during the act of sex through smoother vaginal penetration.


Always Keep Safety in Mind

Be sure to consult with a doctor or health care professional before considering vaginal dilator therapy. It is important to gain a full understanding of how the treatment works in order to decide if your body is physically and mentally ready. Dilation can be a little uncomfortable for some women, so discussing the treatment with a professional will provide a better grasp on how your body might react.

If you decide that vaginal dilation therapy is right for you, BioMoi’s antimicrobial silicone vaginal dilators—the only antimicrobial dilators on the market—provide added protection and peace of mind for women who want to relieve their pain in a healthy and safe way. Our dilators are made of Silver antimicrobial silicone , which eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria. Without this protection, dilators are susceptible to picking up the microscopic bacteria, fungi, and viruses that surround us every day. And that could put your health at risk, especially if your immune system is still compromised from chemotherapy treatments.

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