Vaginal Atrophy Treatment

Discover the Benefits of Using Dilators for Atrophy Relief

What is Vaginal Atrophy (Atrophic Vaginitis)?

Vaginal atrophy, or atrophic vaginitis, is the result of a significant estrogen deficiency, which results in thinning, burning, inflammation, and drying of the vaginal walls. In this state the vagina weakens and shrinks, causing extremely painful sexual intercourse that can even result in bleeding. Increased urinary tract infections can also be a sign of atrophic vaginitis. Often, we see vaginal atrophy in women who are postmenopausal, but that is not the only condition that can cause the body to have low estrogen levels. Some women are just genetically prone to lower levels of estrogen. Often vaginal atrophy symptoms go undiagnosed, and many women don't realize there are treatments and it can be reversed. BioMoi antibacterial silicone vaginal dilators for atrophy can be used to naturally strengthen the vaginal walls and gradually get you back to having comfortable sexual intercourse.

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Vaginal Atrophy Causes

Menopause: natural age-related hormonal body changes resulting in ovaries decreasing estrogen production (also referred to as genitourinary syndrome of menopause)
Removal of ovaries prior to menopause
Specific anti-estrogen medications prescribed to treat other conditions, such as uterine fibroids or endometriosis
Postpartum and breastfeeding
Severe stress or depression
Rigorous exercise
Chemotherapy from cancer treatment

Treating Vaginal Atrophy with Dilators

Seeking a medical diagnosis from your physician is highly recommended if you have any of the noted symptoms noted above. Your doctor will be able to perform a thorough exam to rule out any other underlying conditions and confirm the diagnosis of atrophic vaginitis. The good new, though, is there are natural remedies for vaginal atrophy, including the use of a vaginal dilator. BioMoi™ offers the only antimicrobial silicone dilator on the market that can over time stretch and strengthen the vaginal walls. Your doctor may also prescribe the use of a lubricant to help make the dilator therapy more comfortable and successful. This is a treatment that can be do from the comfort of your own home with a very positive outcome and success rate.