Stop Painful Intercourse with BioMoi™ Vaginal Dilators

BioCote® Antimicrobial Material
US Platinum Silicone, NOT PLASTIC
BPA Free, Latex Free, and Phthalate Free
Dilator Treatment Sets with Increasing Sizes

Experience the Difference with BioMoi™ Vaginal Dilators

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BioMoi Antimicrobial Vaginal Dilator Set

High Quality Vaginal Dilators

The BioCote antimicrobial component of our dilators ensures elimination of 99.99% of harmful agents, so you do not risk contaminating your vaginal flora.

BioMoi dilators are made of US platinum silicone designed to offer a smooth glide into the vaginal opening.  They are BPA Free, Latex Free, and Phthalate Free.

Conditions BioMoi™ Dilators Can Help Relieve

Dyspareunia: Difficult Penetration & Painful Intercourse
Vaginismus & Vaginal Tightness
Vulvodynia: Vulvar Pain
Vaginal Atrophy: Lowered Levels of Estrogen
Post-Surgery Discomfort
Post-Partum Pelvic Pain
rtistic diagram of female reproductive system
Dr. Neysa Whiteman, cofounder of BioMoi

Doctor Recommended Vaginal Dilators

"As a gynecologist for over 30 years, I’ve seen many women who experience painful intercourse for a variety of reasons—menopause, vaginismus, cancer treatments, and more. I am so happy to recommend BioMoi’s vaginal dilators. Not only can dilation therapy help reduce pain, but BioMoi's antimicrobial silicone can also protect women from harmful bacteria."

- Dr. Neysa Whiteman M.D. FACOG

Hear What People Are Saying about BioMoi™ Dilators

"I ordered BioMoi's vaginal dilator's set because I have been diagnosed with an abnormally small vaginal canal. This has caused pain and discomfort during intercourse for me for several years and I was ready to find a toxin-free, sustainable solution. I was really excited when I came across the vaginal dilators, especially since they are BPA free silicone, so I could feel safe using them! I've been using them for over a week now every night and slowly progressing through the sizes. It's completely pain-free and I feel like I am making progress, which is exciting and such a relief after years of frustration and pain!"

- Sabrina

"As a woman in her thirties who has never been sexually active, I have been concerned about things being a bit tight and painful when I do get married, so I purchased the bioMoi set to begin stretching. With lubrication, I found the gradual increase in size of the silicone expanders to be just right, and it was nice to have so many sizes because I Read more about review stating As a woman in hercould go back down a size if one didn’t feel comfortable yet. I am glad I ordered these because I think this will make sex an enjoyable, rather than a painful experience."

- Lisa P.

"Amazing product for vaginal atrophy"
- Angela C.

"Great product! This product seems to be helping so far! I like how there are 6 transition pieces instead of 4 or 5 (like some other brands) and at a lesser can’t beat the price with the kind of material used."
- Naomi W.

"My doctor recommended I use a vaginal dilator and after searching, I chose the BioMoi set mostly because of the antimicrobial property. If you tend to easily develop vaginal yeast infections, it is important to use a dilator that won't cause them. Having multiple sizes to gently stretch the walls makes it a tolerant process."
- Verified Buyer

"Worth the time and energy. When graduating to a new size I found it helpful to do half the time with the current size and use plenty of product as you switch to next size mid-session. HUGE difference. Worth a try!"
- Verified Buyer

"Soft, bendable, different sizes for gradual but gentle therapy for the post menopausal woman."
- Verified Buyer