How to Use BioMoi™ Vaginal Dilators

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Our tube-shaped silicone vaginal dilators are designed to stretch the vagina so it regains or keeps its natural elasticity. There are an array of dilator uses – whether you are suffering from vaginismus, dyspareunia, or are experiencing changes due to age, vaginal dilator therapy can help you attain comfort with penetration and help to elevate symptoms.

To ensure you achieve success, it’s important to follow this step-by-step guide on how to use BioMoi™ vaginal dilators. Progress varies; how long it takes for dilators to “work” or provide relief can vary from woman to woman. Do not be discouraged if you feel it’s taking too long. Be patient with your body. We recommend purchasing a vaginal dilator set with incremental sizes so you can increase and progress through the dilator therapy process at your own pace.

Woman getting in a comfortable position for dilator therapy

1. Get in a comfortable position

You should practice dilator therapy in an environment free of distraction and stress-inducing factors. Put yourself in a relaxing state of mind, taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly. Try diaphragmatic breathing [breathing through the belly], which helps naturally relax and open the vagina walls.

Lie on your back, knees bent with your feet flat on the surface and spread your legs shoulder-width apart. The position should be comfortable and allow you to touch the opening of your vagina.

To make the insertion of the dilator easier, you can practice a few Kegel exercises to relax your pelvic floor muscles.

2. Gently insert the vaginal dilator

Vaginal therapy should not cause pain; its aim is to free you of pain. Should you feel any discomfort, stop and breathe deeply.

Apply water-based lubricant to the opening of your vagina and to the smallest size dilator (or the size that you know will stretch your vagina without causing pain. If it hurts, downgrade to a smaller diameter). Do not use Vaseline®, as it can irritate the vaginal mucous membrane.

Gently and slowly insert the rounded end of the dilator, inching its way in; it should fit snug, but not tight. If the pressure causes pain, stop. If the dilator penetrates easily, use a larger size. Purchasing a dilator set is a great choice so that you have a variety of sizes on hand prior to starting dilation therapy.

Relax your pelvic floor muscles and insert the dilator further. Once you’ve reached your maximum, gently move the dilator in, out, and around, to stretch the vagina. Stay focused and keep breathing, moving slowly and taking your time. Practice for a few minutes and gradually increase to up to 10 minutes as you feel more comfortable over time.

Side profile of woman’s face
Woman in towel after using vaginal dilator

3. Remove the dilator

Remove the dilator and treat yourself to a few extra minutes of breathing and relaxing.

Wash the dilator with mild soap and hot water. BioCote® protected antimicrobial silicone eliminates 99.99% of microbes such as bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause odors, staining and material degradation, making them easier to keep clean and keeping them fresher for longer.

For advice on how often to use the dilators and other frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ resource page.