What Size Vaginal Dilator Do I Need?

BioMoi features the only antimicrobial vaginal dilators on the market ranging in 6 different sizes to help treat an array of vaginal conditions. You may be wondering which size to start with. The answer will vary for each individual and should be decided on a case-by-case basis. The following tips can help point you in the right direction.

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What Size Is Right for Me?

First, consult with your physician, gynecologist, or physical therapist who has prescribed a dilator for you. A trained professional may be able to provide a calculated recommendation on which dilator size would be a good start for you. Some women will want/need to purchase the entire dilator set, but others may only need to purchase one or two of the sizes.

BioMoi antimicrobial silicone vaginal dilators come in 6 different sizes. The "correct" size for you will be the dilator that can be inserted without any pain or resistance. The first and smallest dilator size has a .68-inch diameter, roughly the size of a small tampon. When choosing dilator sizes, taking into consideration the diameter is more important than length. The amount of length inserted can always be adjusted during dilator therapy, but the diameter of each dilator is set and will have the most impact on comfort and progression. See below for a dilator size chart for comparison.

How To Increase Dilator Sizes

BioMoi offers dilators for sale individually or in sets. When you begin dilator therapy, you typically want to use your starting size for 3 to 4 weeks before switching to a larger dilator. Transitioning to a new size should happen over the course of a few days. Start each therapy session with the smaller and progress to the larger size by the end of the session. Continue this over the course of a few days before completely transitioning to the increased size. This will help prevent tearing or injury.

You don't have to have a specific size goal in mind. For some women, the goal is simply to dilate daily in order to strengthen the vaginal walls or to alleviate psychological side effects. But you may want to choose a goal size that matches your partner's size. This will help you to eventually have pain-free sexual intercourse.

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Using Vaginal Dilators

When it comes to choosing a vaginal dilator size, keep in mind that a good idea is starting small and gradually increasing size to slowly stretch and strengthen the vaginal walls to be able to move on to larger sizes.

Follow the simple process of how to use vaginal dilators for optimal success in expanding the vaginal walls and helping to treat your condition. Patience and consistency are key when using a dilator. It's a slow process, but staying relaxed will help you in the end. For more information, check out our frequently asked questions page.