Why Choose BioMoi Antimicrobial Silicone Vaginal Dilators?

Why choose BioMoi antimicrobial silicone vaginal dilators? BioMoi’s mission is to provide a safe, comfortable product to help women treat the causes of sexual discomfort. We have set out to create the best quality vaginal dilator on the market. Approaching the design of our product with women’s experiences in mind means that you will have a tool to provide the most comfortable treatment possible.


Why You Need BioMoi’s Antimicrobial Silicone Vaginal Dilators

If you have been experiencing any sort of vaginal condition resulting in vaginal tightness, painful intercourse, age-related sexual pain, post-surgery discomfort, or post-partum pelvic pain, you may want to consider vaginal dilator treatment (although, you should always consult your physician before starting treatment). BioMoi will surely bring you the best option on the market. Instead of the typical plastic vaginal dilator, BioMoi’s antimicrobial silicone products provide many benefits for a woman’s body. They are also BPA-free, latex-free, and phthalate-free. BioMoi is driven to ensure the healthiest vaginal dilator treatment because we truly care about women’s bodies. The Silver antimicrobial component eliminates 99.9% of harmful agents. This high-quality product avoids risking contamination of your vaginal flora. BioMoi antimicrobial silicone vaginal dilators offer many health benefits that other vaginal dilators do not. The developers have approached their design with the foresight to have a woman’s overall health at the forefront, not just the treatment of vaginal discomfort.


More Than Just a Dilator

BioMoi antimicrobial silicone vaginal dilators come in sets with increasing sizes. Each purchase comes with a travel case, making it easy to continue treatment whether you have a weekend away or travel for work. You can begin treatment with the dilator size that is already most comfortable upon insertion. Slowly increase to the next dilator size as you feel more comfortable and you’ll soon notice vaginal tightness dissipating. Six different sizes mean you can increase at your own pace. The US platinum silicone provides a smooth glide into the vaginal opening, so increasing the size of your dilator won’t be uncomfortable. With BioMoi vaginal dilators, you can safely and effectively eliminate vulvar pain from your life. Our toxin-free and sustainable dilators will provide you with the security of a healthy vaginal dilator treatment.

BioMoi has prioritized maximum safety for women undergoing dilator therapy by creating the only antimicrobial vaginal dilators on the market. Instead of living in frustration or pain during sexual intercourse, you can find a path toward a more satisfying sexual experience. No other vaginal dilators can compare to the comfort and safety of BioMoi products.


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