Can Dilator Therapy Relieve Painful Sex After Birth?

Painful sex is an often avoided topic after having a vaginal childbirth. Just because people feel uncomfortable talking about it, doesn’t mean you should remain uncomfortable during post-baby sex. Typically, sex can resume 6 weeks after childbirth and many women will feel no pain. But many women will experience recurring pain during or after intercourse beyond that 6-week mark, and although it is common, it shouldn’t be accepted as an incurable “new normal.” Vaginal dilation therapy could be a solution to reduce pain during sex after childbirth as well as a relief for postpartum pelvic pain.


Painful Postpartum Sex

Painful postpartum sex could be caused by hormonal changes related to breastfeeding, a tender episiotomy scar, or lack of sleep. All three of those things are completely common, so what can a woman do to eliminate or reduce pain during intercourse after having a baby? There are a couple of key things to help ease that pain. If you’re still experiencing pain during or after intercourse beyond the normal 6 weeks postpartum, first consult your doctor about these atypical symptoms. You may want to discuss vaginal dilator therapy vaginal dilator therapy with your doctor or healthcare professional as a way to prevent painful postpartum sex. To prep and prime yourself for treatment, remember that wetter is better. Create a smoother vaginal penetration during sex or when using a vaginal dilator by using lubricant. Then, move onto the process of vaginal dilator therapy.


Dilator Therapy for Relief

It may seem scary at first, but vaginal dilator therapy is a process you can work up to. BioMoi vaginal dilators are small cylindrical tools made of medical-grade antimicrobial silicone. They range in size from the width of a pinky finger to the width of a cucumber, and you begin with a size that already fits comfortably in your vagina. You gradually increase the size of your vaginal dilator in order to lengthen and widen the structure of the vagina. This slower process will not only help to alleviate pain, dryness, and tenderness, but it can help you become more comfortable with your partner’s touch during postpartum sex.


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Your partner can also help with at-home treatments that limit the adverse affects of painful intercourse after child birth. Utilizing his or her assistance will help you feel more physically comfortable getting back into the regular bedroom routine. Having that support from your partner in your body’s recovery can also help to boost your confidence in the healing process. If you are comfortable having your partner assist you with therapy, he or she will better understand your body and you will feel more comfortable during post-baby sex before you know it. Purchase a BioMoi silicone vaginal dilator today to begin the healing process.