How to Stay Safe When Buying Vaginal Dilators Online

Purchasing a product as personal as a vaginal dilator online may seem daunting. But if you buy from BioMoi, you can rest assured that your health and safety is our top priority.


Stay Safe with BioMoi Antimicrobial Vaginal Dilators

BioMoi manufactures made-in-the-USA antimicrobial vaginal dilators, which utilize  antimicrobial technology in the form of a protective coating that makes it impossible for bacteria to breed. Bacteria and mold cause odors and staining, but the BioCote coating reduces over 99% of microbes, and it will not leach, wash off, or wear away. The result is a product that ensures the safety of the user for the life of the dilator. This kind of protection against unwanted bacteria makes BioMoi products the only antimicrobial vaginal dilators available on the market. They even come with a protective case to ensure they stay clean during storage. Imagine what kinds of bacteria or molds might be growing on a used dilator that doesn’t have BioCote. Now imagine experiencing discomfort and mysterious vaginal infections as a result of those microbes. Vaginal dilator therapy is supposed to help treat vaginal conditions not add to the discomfort.


Enjoy the Protection of Return Policies & Secure Transactions

BioMoi accepts returns of our products if you are unsatisfied because we want to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. But we never resell those items, and customers will never receive a used dilator, no matter whether you purchase our dilators directly from our website or via Amazon. We also do not sell your information to anyone and keep all transactions safe, secure, and private.


Trust BioMoi

Women who choose to use dilators, or who have been instructed to use them by a physical therapist, surgeon, or physician, have enough on their minds without having to worry about the cleanliness of their dilator. Peace of mind goes a long way and so does good hygiene. Wanting and expecting a safe product is a no-brainer, and you want to have confidence in the company from which you are purchasing your vaginal dilator. Buying dilators from BioMoi guarantees you’re getting the real deal. Feel free to contact our team directly if you have any questions or concerns about our products. We’re happy to help you on your road to recovery!