BioMoi Introduces New Colors of Antimicrobial Silicone Vaginal Dilators

New colors, same benefits! BioMoi™ silicone vaginal dilators now come in a range of new colors, but they are still made of safe, lab-tested, antimicrobial silicone that ensures the elimination of 99.99% of harmful agents. As always, our dilators are still BPA Free, Latex Free, and Phthalate Free.

Silver Antimicrobial Technology

BioMoi™ is in partnership with the market leader in antimicrobial solutions. The Silver technology integrated throughout BioMoi™ vaginal dilators actively reduces microbes on the surface of the dilator, and provides the following benefits:

Offers long-lasting protection against the negative effects of microbes

Minimizes risk of product degradation

Eliminates risk of cross-contamination

Reduces the risk of odors or staining caused by microbes such as bacteria and mold

Stop Painful Intercourse with BioMoi™ Vaginal Dilators

Naturally treat sexual pain symptoms at home with BioMoi™ US Platinum silicone dilators designed to offer a smooth glide into the vaginal opening. The design and material have been carefully chosen to help women reclaim the right to fulfilling their sexuality. And BioMoi’s vaginal dilators come in a variety of sizes, each in a unique color, to match the therapeutic needs of all women.

Conditions BioMoi™ Dilators Can Help Relieve

Difficult Penetration & Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia) 

Vaginal Tightness & Vaginismus

Vulvar Pain (Vulvodynia)

Vaginal Atrophy: Lowered Levels of Estrogen

Menopause-Related Pelvic Pain

Post-Partum Pelvic Pain

Check out our new dilator colors today and reclaim your right to comfortable, enjoyable sex!

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