Why Should You Choose an Antimicrobial Vaginal Dilator?

Whenever we decide on a course of action to treat pain—from minor headache relief to major surgery—safety is usually a top concern for most. That should be no different for women exploring treatment for vaginal discomfort. With BioMoi’s antimicrobial vaginal dilators, safety is at the heart of our science, as we are committed to helping women ease their pain and get back a satisfying and fulfilling life.


Antimicrobial Vaginal Dilators

Our products are the only antimicrobial silicone vaginal dilators on the market, providing added protection and peace of mind for women concerned about relieving their pain in a healthy and safe way. The premium Silver antimicrobial silicone we use on our dilators eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria. Without this protection, dilators are susceptible to picking up the microscopic bacteria, fungi, and viruses that surround us every day, ultimately increasing the risk of contaminating your sensitive vaginal flora. The antimicrobial silicone also protects against the growth of mold and mildew, which can stain the products, cause odors, and degrade the materials.

Vaginal dilators are inserted directly into your body, so you need to ensure they’re completely free of any contaminating agents. The only way to do that is by using dilators protected by antimicrobial silicone. Without this material, you could unknowingly introduce germs and bacteria into your body, which could risk making your pain and discomfort even worse through irritation or infection.


Vaginal Dilation Therapy

Medical professionals often advise women to use vaginal dilation therapy several times a week, which means the products should be easy to clean for repeat use. The safety that our antimicrobial vaginal dilators offer are built right into the product and they are designed for frequent use; after using the dilator for therapy, simply wash the product with mild soap and hot water and store it for your next use.

It’s important for women who are seeking help with vaginal pain to consult with a medical professional, who will agree that safety needs to be at the heart of any therapy. With top-grade antimicrobial silicone in BioMoi vaginal dilators, women can trust that they are making both a smart and safe choice for their bodies so they can focus on getting on the path to recovery and relief.


-Dr. Neysa Whiteman, M.D. FACOG