The Link Between Vaginal Dilators & Sex Therapy

It’s not always easy to talk about, but sexual health is an important part of a fulfilling life for most people. Sex therapy and the use of vaginal dilators has been known to drastically improve women’s lives. Many therapists incorporate the use of vaginal dilators into their sessions because they’re such a great way to help women transition away from intercourse-related pain and/or anxiety. Once you’ve confirmed with your physician that there are no underlying medical problems, and you’ve committed to sex therapy, you’re officially on the path improved sexual health.


What Is Vaginal Dilation?

You may have heard of vaginal dilation, but like many women, you may be unclear or misinformed about what it does and how it works. The dilator is a smooth, cylindrical instrument that is regularly inserted into the vagina to help comfortably alter vaginal capacity and elasticity. To say that dilators “stretch the vagina,” however, is an overly simplified explanation. There are many reasons for using a vaginal dilator. Often, it’s not just a physical complication, it’s a mental one. For various reasons, the brain sometimes equates vaginal contact with the need for a danger response. Vaginal dilators as part of sex therapy can help you decrease and release that anxiety and fear. Specifically, the combination of dilators and therapy can help break the fear-pain cycle.

The exact recommended process will vary between therapists, but many suggest that the first thing to do is relax for about 10 to 15 minutes prior to dilation. Deep breathing, soaking in a warm bath, or in some cases using prescribed muscle relaxants beforehand helps facilitate relaxation. It’s also best to use the vaginal dilator alone initially until the therapist gives the green light to use it with your partner. The brain and body need to trust the process, and according to your brain, you are the most trust-worthy participant. Even the most well-meaning partner can inadvertently cause psychological pressure that hinders the effects of the therapy.


Choose The Right Vaginal Dilator

Dilators come in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, and each size should be used for a few weeks before transitioning to the next size. It’s about you, which is why you and your therapist will discuss exact timeframes and sizes. The therapist is trained and is therefore the best choice for guidance. With you in the driver’s seat, and a sex therapist who is available to answer questions and give you tips and advice, you’ll have the keys to overcoming fear associated with penetration.

The decision to see a sex therapist is a huge step in your self-care and one you should be proud of. Like everything, there will be moments of frustration as well as positive breakthroughs. Sex therapy and the use of vaginal dilators doesn’t make you any less feminine, but it just might make you a more comfortable and confident woman.

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