Is Your Sex Life Healthy?

Most people strive for a satisfying sex life. You can’t always explain why it’s true, but sexual activity brings instant and often lasting feelings of physical and emotional well-being. Experts seem to also agree that sexual health has a significant impact on an overall healthy and happy life. The emotional benefits have been well documented. Consensual, loving sex is one of nature’s most perfect stress relievers. It also promotes trust and empathy and strengthens the bond between you and your partner. Sexual roadblocks are common, however, and many people find them difficult to discuss and therefore treat. Vaginal dilator therapy exists to help you take back control because happy, healthy sex can translate to a happy, healthy life.


Healthy Sex Life Provides Numerous Physical Health Benefits

A healthy sex life does a lot more than make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, however. People often underestimate the physical health benefits associated with it. For one thing, regular sexual activity and frequent orgasm help ensure that your body will physically be able to have both again in the future. Jumping in bed with someone after dormancy in sexual activity isn’t exactly like riding a bike. The body needs practice, so to speak, in order to build and maintain not only strength but also to allow you to get the most out of what sex has to offer the body.

Having sex at least once or twice a week actually helps your immune system. The body has been shown to produce more antibodies that help you fight off illness. It’s also suspected to help protect against heart disease. Happiness and exercise, which is essentially a simplified version of sex, has been known to lower blood pressure. Sex can even combine aerobic and strength training exercises. The orgasm itself is nature’s first pain reliever! Pain-relieving hormones are released following orgasm, which helps all kinds of pain, including back and leg pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, and even arthritis. Prolactin is released, which is a relaxation hormone. Oxytocin is also released, and both of these help you not only drift off, but have a relaxing, and therefore therapeutic sleep.


A Great Sex Life Isn’t Guaranteed

Even with the perfect partner, a great sex life isn’t always a given. Life can get in the way, and often does. Life, aging, medical treatments, and surgeries can all cause sexual side effects that make it difficult to not only maintain a good sexual relationship but even to prioritize one. Pelvic radiation treatments and other cancer therapies, post-hysterectomy pain, and menopause, for example, can all make the vaginal walls thin and sensitive to touch. It’s also super common for such things to shorten and tighten the vagina, making penetration very painful. Pregnancy does a number on the pelvic floor muscles (the bowl-shaped system of interconnected muscles that hold up pelvic organs against the forces of gravity. A weak pelvic floor can cause a variety of urinary and sexual problems, including chronic pain. There are also less physically obvious causes of pelvic discomforts, such as vulvodynia, which is like the fibromyalgia of the vagina. This condition causes soreness, itching, throbbing, burning and sometimes stinging sensations, which not only causes pain during intercourse but also during everyday activities such as sitting or exercising.

For all of these conditions, doctors commonly suggest the use of vaginal dilators. They’re a drug-free, surgery-free way to help you feel like your vibrant, sexual self again. They come in a variety of sizes and are shaped like tampons. Vaginal dilator therapy can be performed in a clinical setting or in the comfort of your own home to help create a more elastic vagina, increase length, promote natural blood flow, and also help retrain the brain to not associate vaginal touch with pain. Aside from the physical improvements, regular stimulation with a dilator sends constant signals to the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn teaches you that you can relax during intercourse.

The vagina is a complex machine, as are all the muscles that surround it. It’s also seen as a private part of the body, and therefore its pain or pleasure is not often discussed freely. It’s common to think that sex is a privilege, and therefore people are often willing to sacrifice their sexual health in exchange for health in other areas. But the truth is, there is nothing selfish about wanting to enjoy sex. Sex isn’t just about creating life. It’s an integral part of your overall health. Vaginal dilator therapy can help train your body and brain to not only accept but also to love sex again. Here’s to your health!

In honor of sexual health awareness month, order a BioMoi vaginal dilator today and get started on a path to reclaiming a happy and healthy sex life!