BioMoi™ Large Dilator Set (Sizes 4-6)

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The BioMoi™ Large Vaginal Dilator Set comes with sizes 4-6, the larger of the dilator sizes (see below for exact dimensions). For optimal results, check out how to choose the right dilator size for you.

Dilator kits include BioMoi™ vaginal dilators made of US platinum silicone designed to offer a smooth glide into the vaginal opening. They are BPA free, latex free, and phthalate free.

The antimicrobial component of the BioMoi™ dilator sets ensures elimination of 99.99% of harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses, so you do not risk contaminating your vaginal flora.

Each set comes with one carrying case. Additional cases can be purchased at checkout. Shop our other dilator sizes offered from BioMoi™ today.

Size 4:

Diameter 1.13 in (28.67 mm) / Length 4.38 in (121.5 mm) / Circumference 3.55 in (90.07 mm)

Size 5:

Diameter 1.23 in (32.48 mm) / Length 5.28 in (134 mm) / Circumference 4.08 in (102.04 mm)

Size 6:

Diameter 1.43 in (36.28 mm) / Length 5.77 in (146.5 mm) / Circumference 4.48 in (113.89 mm)

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