Experience the Difference with BioMoi™ Vaginal Dilators

AntiMicrobial Vaginal Dilators
US Platinum Silicone, NOT PLASTIC
BPA Free, Latex Free, and Phthalate Free
Dilator Sets with Increasing Sizes

Experience the Difference with BioMoi™ Vaginal Dilators

Dr. Neysa Whiteman, cofounder of BioMoi

Doctor Recommended Vaginal Dilators

"As a gynecologist for over 30 years, I’ve seen many women who experience painful intercourse for a variety of reasons—menopause, vaginismus, cancer treatments, and more. I am so happy to recommend BioMoi’s vaginal dilators. Not only can dilation therapy help reduce pain, but BioMoi's antimicrobial silicone can also protect women from harmful bacteria."

- Dr. Neysa Whiteman M.D. FACOG

Conditions BioMoi™ Dilators Can Help Relieve

Difficult Penetration & Painful Intercourse
Vaginal Tightness
Age-Related Sexual Pain
Post-Surgery Discomfort
Post-Partum Pelvic Pain
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BioMoi Antimicrobial Vaginal Dilator Set

High Quality Vaginal Dilators

The BioCote antimicrobial component of our dilators ensures elimination of 99.99% of harmful agents, so you do not risk contaminating your vaginal flora.

BioMoi dilators are made of US platinum silicone designed to offer a smooth glide into the vaginal opening.  They are BPA Free, Latex Free, and Phthalate Free.

Conditions BioMoi™ Dilators Safely Treat


Relax your pelvic floor muscles and allow your vagina to open and bloom.


Do not let painful intercourse be the norm.


Safely and effectively eliminate vulvar pain from your life.

Vaginal Atrophy

Reverse the effects caused by lowered levels of estrogen in the body.

Hear What People Are Saying about BioMoi™ Dilators

"I ordered BioMoi's vaginal dilator's set because I have been diagnosed with an abnormally small vaginal canal. This has caused pain and discomfort during intercourse for me for several years and I was ready to find a toxin-free, sustainable solution. I was really excited when I came across the vaginal dilators, especially since they are BPA free silicone, so I could feel safe using them! I've been using them for over a week now every night and slowly progressing through the sizes. It's completely pain-free and I feel like I am making progress, which is exciting and such a relief after years of frustration and pain!"

- Sabrina

"As a woman in her thirties who has never been sexually active, I have been concerned about things being a bit tight and painful when I do get married, so I purchased the bioMoi set to begin stretching. With lubrication, I found the gradual increase in size of the silicone expanders to be just right, and it was nice to have so many sizes because I Read more about review stating As a woman in hercould go back down a size if one didn’t feel comfortable yet. I am glad I ordered these because I think this will make sex an enjoyable, rather than a painful experience."

- Lisa P.

"Amazing product for vaginal atrophy"
- Angela C.

"Great product! This product seems to be helping so far! I like how there are 6 transition pieces instead of 4 or 5 (like some other brands) and at a lesser price...you can’t beat the price with the kind of material used."
- Naomi W.